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Because the experience and enjoyment of your guests is not only determined by the proper choice of bowling equipment, MoreSenz has developed an unique lighting concept, Light 4 Bowling, that allows you to create the right ambience and atmosphere for your guests at any time.

MoreSenz experts have created the perfect environment thanks to a unique combination of bowling equipment, light and sound, while still keeping operation so easy. And if you are looking for a total solution for your bowling center (which does not stop at the start of the approach) then MoreSenz will also be happy to advise and assist. 



Light 4 Bowling offers a solution for every budget.

You can start with a basic lighting plan and add features to it later on. The basic lighting plan consists of our lane fixtures Volt and Cooper. Both lane railing systems have many advantages:

  • No cable trays needed
    This saves you time and money when installing the railing system.

  • Flexibel system
    It is very easy to extend the system later on when needed.

  • Plug and Play
    Assembling the system is effortless, so you can do it yourself or we can do it for you.

  • Multi-purpose
    The fixtures can change color (RGB) for Fun Bowling and also emit warm white light for League Bowling.

  • Special light output
    Ideal for bowling; the lane fixtures only light up the lane and do not blind the players when bowling.

  • LED
    Both fixtures use LED Lights and are energy efficient.

The advantages of the Cooper lane fixtures over Volt fixtures are that Cooper fixtures are recyclable (Volt isn’t), have anti-glare lighting, fewer fixtures are needed and they have a better colour mixing. On the Volt lane fixtures we offer a 3 year guarantee, on the Cooper fixtures we offer a 5 year guarantee.

Extra features

Next to the basic lane fixtures it is possible to add a few special features to really make your bowling lanes come to life!

Lighting solutions for your seating area

  • Our Pascal and Nobel luminaires provide even more atmospheric lighting.
    – Pascal Pendant: the pendant ceiling lights can change colour (RGB) and emit warm white light. The pendant lights create a cozy ambience and are functional as well.
    – Nobel RGB Trackspot: these trackspots are very easy to mount. All the trackspots can be operated separately by DMX and/or DALI, this makes it easy to create the perfect ambience.
  • Masking
    Masking is dynamic (background) lighting of your bowling lanes. As masking is the largest visual element in your bowling center, you can imagine the impact it will have when it is lit up by a well designed lighting plan. Each masking is different and every center has a different ambiance therefore MoreSenz offers tailor made solutions to create your ultimate bowling experience. It is even possible to have the masking lighting react to music and thus create a true opening show (see video’s for examples of masking).

International Projects & Awards

MoreSenz is originally a Dutch company, but since 2015 we also provide bowling projects in America, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. Our first project in America was even rewarded with the The 2015 Architecture & Design Award. This award was followed in 2016 by no less than two awards Best new bowling center and best renovated bowling center.


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